Beats Studio Wireless Firmware Update to 1.2.99

Beats’ update app/system is royally broken, or they’re intentionally preventing users updating their products. After learning about different firmware versions for Beats Studio Wireless, I’ve contacted @beatssupport, but they’ve responded with a ‘nothing to see here’ response.

According to support 1.1.16 is latest firmware available for my Wireless Studio. There are headsets with 1.2.75 out there, so I’ve started snooping on API requests of the app.

When you open the updater page, the javascript on the page continuously queries (to get a list of connected Beats devices) Visit that page and copy the serial number of your device.

beats studio wireless firmware update

Next up, you need to install Charles proxy to capture and rewrite API requests.

  1. Install Charles
  2. Go to Proxy > Proxy Settings and enable SOCKS proxy
  3. Go to  System preferences, enable Socks proxy and enter your Charles proxy settings
  4. Go to SSL Proxy Settings in Charles, add ‘’ to list
  5. Go to Help > SSL Proxying and install root certificate (to snoop SSL traffic)

Now you’re ready to capture traffic, while Beats Updater is open, visit

You’ll get ‘{“message”:”Firmware not found, have you executed list?”}’ error, but Charles will capture a couple of requests. Important one is the request to ‘’

UPDATE on June 13
We also need to rewrite the first check on website.

Protocol: https
Path: v1/product_firmware/latest/product/512.json

add new Rule

Type: Modify Query Param
Name: version
Value: 1.1.16 (your current firmware version)
Name: version
Value: 1.2.99

We need to rewrite the response body. First, visit and copy the full firmware url. Open a Text Edit document and paste

{"code":200,"data":{"message":"Firmware update available","firmware":{"firmware_id":"335","firmware_status":"1","firmware_created":"2015-04-27 13:44:02","firmware_deactivated":"Never","firmware_description":"Studio Wireless 1.2.99","firmware_version_major":"1","firmware_version_minor":"2","firmware_version_revision":"99","firmware_release_date":"2015-04-27","firmware_file_url":"http:\/\/\/firmware\/1430167351-335.bin?Expires=143093567&Signature=frULEipBdP24vpfP4G2wJMBs~qbW6rVo0ClV44sp8BGIZoJJqgD1QeAyNikgKzvmBH6Vt~6retGzC71oLmmpaSQeAQIUIz-zWC8LxJdF4yoxjv4Fwcq98o5KRhFhFUUhap3AVuQu0Zu3TbyDL-B8tOFHJWVVqpWa4qxyuR3OAtXSy5SCbwm3~kRFsmNSgMrIuF2HEgKvhxLQ6pibLKKN7eZxh8ekac2WixQoWGdZME3QiDVVdGthXuoAmL2H2~as~4lPUXnncvV1iBXYAbyiPTrGQsZn44F2H5hNcxzpKdbevCkhtP9IIj8-&Key-Pair-Id=APKAJXJYQQLEID","firmware_audio_url":null,"firmware_image_url":null,"firmware_thumbnail_url":null,"firmware_video_url":null,"firmware_release_notes":"","firmware_codename":"","product_id":512,"device_group_id":null,"device_group_id_2":null},"device_firmware_id":"329","latest_firmware_id":"335","device_firmware_version":"1.2.75","latest_firmware_version":"1.2.99"},"response_time":3.6170871257782,"tempo_version":"1.5","hostname":""}

Replace the firmware url with the fresh one you just got (links are time sensitive), copy the full code.

Go to Charles > Tools > Rewrite, Add a new Set, add location as

Protocol: https
Path: v1/device_firmware/YOURSERIALNUMBER.json

add new Rule

Type: Body
Where: Response
Replace: (paste the code you’ve copied to the ‘Value’

Finally, open Safari and try once more. It’ll start downloading the latest firmware and will update you Wireless Studio.

Beats Studio Wireless 1.2.99

Warning: I don’t take any responsibility for any trouble you might get yourself into with this.

UPDATE on June 19
It seems to be impossible to upgrade to anything below 1.2.75 or downgrade from 1.2.99 to 1.2.75. The difference between the two feels (it’s really hard to tell) to be the amount of Active Noise Cancellation. 1.2.99 has very little noise cancellation, but it sounds more crisp, 1.2.75 sounds a little muffled.

Note: Device ID: 512 is for Studio Wireless

1536 Solo2 Wireless
4608 Powerbeats2 Wireless
8192 Beats Pill
8448 Beats Pill XL







27 thoughts on “Beats Studio Wireless Firmware Update to 1.2.99”

        1. I don’t think so, I upgraded to .75 first and used it for a couple of hours. I didn’t notice any difference after updating to .99

          Definitely not worth the trouble.

  1. Please could you help, I managed to follow the instructions and it triggers the Beats Updater app to detect that an update is available, but then when I click it to install the update it launches the Beats website and it says “Update Unavailable, please try later”.

  2. Hey guy, cool guide, having a problem with it however: it now indeed shows me the update to 1.2.99, but the update seems to take forever and won’t proceed. How long did it take with yours?
    Would appreciate your help.

  3. I got this:
    “code”: 601,
    “error”: {
    “message”: “The device serial number already exists”,
    “type”: “Exception”
    “response_time”: 0.74928689002991,
    “tempo_version”: “1.7”,
    “hostname”: “”

  4. firmware url null ?

    {“code”:200,”data”:{“product_firmware”:{“firmware_id”:”335″,”firmware_status”:”0″,”firmware_created”:”2015-04-27 20:44:02″,”firmware_deactivated”:null,”firmware_description”:”Studio Wireless 1.2.99″,”firmware_version_major”:”1″,”firmware_version_minor”:”2″,”firmware_version_revision”:”99″,”firmware_release_date”:”2015-04-27″,”firmware_audio_url”:null,”firmware_image_url”:null,”firmware_thumbnail_url”:null,”firmware_video_url”:null,”firmware_release_notes”:””,”firmware_codename”:””,”product_id”:”512″,”device_group_id”:null,”device_group_id_2″:null}},”response_time”:2.0291051864624,”tempo_version”:”1.7″,”hostname”:””}

  5. Hey Levo,

    Great information , I’m wanting a copy of the firmware that I can transfer onto a faulty pair of studio wireless. Can you Help?

  6. Hi. I need help. I have a pair of studio wireless. I try to update it but now it stucks in “update mode”. I see battery gauge LEDs flow, the pc recognizes the headphones but beats updater not… Can you help me? Thanks in advance.

  7. hello,
    I have a problem with my headset, when updating with beats updater i had an error, and now my beats don’t work.
    Can you help please? how can put manually a firmware on my beats studio wireless?
    thank you

  8. Hi,
    is it possible to upgrade the Beats today with this hack?
    Im on Version 1.2.12 and i want a newer Firmware because of software issues.
    I’ve done all your steps but the upgrade fails before it begins and i get an error with UPDATE INTERRUPTED.

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